Jun 25, 2007

check this out!

HI there! I found a really cool photo blog- the photos are so brillant with witty and imaginative weaved captions . Tata, really muz saluate to this : http://tlltworld.blogspot.com/ this person loves houses and treats them like cupcakes or personifies them- " can a house smile?" I like the way this person narrates the photos- showing small close up shots, follow by mid shots and then large paranomic shots. an insect lover i sae then the way this blogger puts two pics of objects with similar shapes-cluster of similar items -pro !it's like setting patterns. woah ... i got new learning points! oh ya , todae i suddenly tot of tis decide to share with u tis joke why does the statue of liberty keeps his hands busy? because the statute of liberty wants to be free from handcuffs! freedom -loving

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